KG Studio, was founded in 2006 as a team of game designers and artists with a specific know-how in the board game

The name comes from the ancient greek word "kaleidos", meaning "beautiful images", because we believe that arts are
part the game experience.

KG Studio was founded by me with a small group of friends during the development of the new edition of Kaleidos, one of
my bestselling games. We decided that the name was perfect also for our group and so we started.

Year after year, the original group changed and today is composed by a team of people involved in different international
projects, published by many different companies all around the world. All the games developed by KG Studio have been
designed by me (sometimes in cooperation with Angelo Zucca) and illustrated by many different artists.

KG Studio is not (yet) a publisher but a design team that can follow the development of a game since the very first design
stages until the final production. We can offer more than 25 years of personal experience in the game market (and more
than 120 games published so far) mixed with the freshness and creativity of young artists. We can provide game concept,
but also finished products thanks to our  suppliers that works with us since many years and we can "taylor-made" any
game to your necessity, no matter if you are a big publisher or a small one.

If you like to create a new boardgame why don't you contact us?
                                              Spartaco Albertarelli

Something really crazy is going to happen on your iPad,
Because KaleidosGames is not just boardgames.

Kaleidos Challenge is under development and will be
published by Moonsubmarine.

Play your favourite game wherever you are!
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Battle tanks on fire off the
shoulder of Milan. I watched planes gliding in the skies near Florence
Gate. All those moments will be real in your time, like a magic in your
hands. Time to play." Leonardo

If you are a fan of turn based war game on iPad, DaVinci's War is the
game you'll like to play. The game will be soon available on the APP store,
distributed by Slitherine.
A new edition of Kaleidos, specially designed for the younger player, will
be soon realease by the french company Interlude, with a new set of
drawings by the great artists Elena Prette and Valentina Mendicino.

A special iPad version of the game is also under development.

Kaleidos junior is more than a game is a KaleidosGames!
Gentlemen, start your dice!
DiceRun is a crazy race involving
30 dice of different colours. Every
player has 4 secrets targets,
showing a colour and a number.
The object of the game is to keep
your favourite dice in the leading
group until the end of every stage.
The race is divided in four stages
of increasing values and at the end of every stage the
players change their secret target. Play wisely to win!
A simple and fun APP for up to
six people. Place your iPad in the
center, place your finger on the
screen and start counting.                            
When you feel that 10 seconds have passed lift your
finger. The player with the best guess wins.

The trick is not to be distracted by your friends or by
the noises and images coming from your iPad!