The game that gives our publishing house its name.

Published for the first time in 1995 and winner of numerous international awards, Kaleidos has long been a true best seller among Italian game titles. Its rules can be explained in a few minutes and it can also be played by many participants, involved individually or divided into teams. Thanks to these features, Kaleidos is the perfect “party game” suitable for any evening with friends, even those who are not big fans of games.

The basic idea is very simple: write as many words as possible, whose initial letter corresponds to the one chosen at random at the beginning of the game round and which are somehow “visible” within the selected illustrated table. After the time marked by the hourglass, each player compares their words with those written by the others. Each word shared by multiple players is worth one point for each, but unique words are worth three points! Unlike most word games, there is no valid word list in Kaleidos and the players themselves have to vote by a majority whether or not approving those of others. Here the real fun begins, because you’ll have to be able to justify the more surreal ones, convincing your opponents to give you the three points!

Beautifully illustrated by the Italian artist Elena Prette, Kaleidos is playable in any language and can also be a valuable tool for enriching one’s vocabulary.

The elegant metal box and the richness of the contents make it a perfect gift.


In Kaleidos, the aim of the game is to be able to identify the largest number of subjects whose names begin with a randomly selected letter within images specially made. Each image contains an incredible number of different subjects, but with the imagination it is possible to identify even those not immediately visible. 

Game features


Spartaco Albertarelli


45 mins




2+ (Team also)


EN – DE – IT – FR – EL


Drawings by Elena Prette






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