VektoRace is not just a racing game, but a real tabletop driving simulator!

Based on a movement system called OktagonSystem©, VektoRace can be played on any flat surface, adapting from time to time to your needs, even time. Each game involves the creation of a new race course and only your “vector driving” experience will allow you to win!

The basic rules can be learned in a few minutes and immediately you can get behind the wheel for a “sprint” race.

Then, little by little, you will learn to manage the tires, to operate the BOOST, to flap your opponents off the line, to take the wake of those in front and maybe overtake them at speed, to manage refueling, to calculate the ideal moment to a “Splash and GO!” in the pits, to use the SuperPower!

But above all, you will discover the community of “Vektoriani” by entering the PAPECARZ world, the F8s that are the heart of the game. Cardboard car, to be assembled and glued to create your personalized stable.

VektoRace is not just a game, but a constantly evolving system, which becomes a passion to be shared with the most octagonal online community and this section of the site is dedicated to sharing our and your experience with all of you.

Il Mondo di VektoRace

1. I own the old edition of the game. Is it compatible with the new one?

Yes sure. The new version offers a series of updated rules, which are described in the SmartRules, and some different game elements. However, they have been elaborated on the basis of the old dies, so all you have to do is print them (from here) and then glue them on the pieces of your edition. The result may not be perfect (it depends on how good you are with paper and glue …), but totally compatible with the new edition.

2. The game excites me, but I’m not good at mounting F8s. What can I do?

Playing with an F8 built with your own hands (and perhaps created with the template) is part of the fun, but if you find it difficult, know that in the new edition we have included six pre-assembled F8s. If you have the old edition and you are only interested in the new F8, you can find them for sale directly on Amazon or in some specialized stores. You have to take the “ScuderiaF8”, which is a small box that contains only the cars.

3. I’m interested in the new edition of the game, but must the Scuderia F8 be taken apart?

No, the Scuderia F8 is a box that contains the new pre-assembled cars. You can find it for free in the new edition. If you have the previous edition, you can buy it separately to have, already assembled, the new F8s that have a different livery from those of the original edition. Additionally, the box is large enough to hold a set of carriers and the Gum and Nitro tokens. Very useful to use for “travel”. You put in everything you need to have your own set, without having to carry the whole box with you … A perfect solution to participate in official tournaments…

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