Published for the first time in 1995 and winner of numerous international awards, Kaleidos has long been a true best seller among Italian titles. Its rules are explained in a few minutes and it is also playable by many people, involved individually or divided into teams. Thanks to these features, Kaleidos is the perfect “party game” suitable for any evening with friends, even those who are not big fans of games.


Inside the Kaleidos box, you will find these items:

 20 illustrated boards

4 easels

4 pencils

1 deck of cards

1 notepad

1 hourglass

1 rules booklet


 The aim of the game is to find as many elements in the picture as possible the name of which begins with the randomly selected



Assemble the cardboard easels and give one easel to each player.Take the 20 illustrated boards and divide them in 4 sets of 5, numbered 1 to 10. and put one set on each easel. All the players must have the board numbered 1 in front of them.
Give each player a pencil and a sheet of paper from the notepad. Shuffle the cards and place the deck face down in the centre of the table, next to the hourglass.


One of the player draw the frst card from the deck and place it face up in the middle of the table so that everyone can see the letter printed on the card. Now turn the hourglass to start the game round. By carefully looking at the picture in front of them, the players must fnd as many elements as possible the name of wich begins with the letter printed on the drawn card. The subjects must be secretly written on the sheet of paper each player got at the beginning of the game. When the hourglass runs out, the game round ends (you can decide, before beginning the game, that you want to play longer rounds turning two or more time the hourglass).

Each player scores 1 point for each name he has in common with one or more of the other players

Each player scores 3 points for each name he’s the only one to have written. Take note of the score of the players on a separated sheet of paper.


After scoring points, all the players must change the picture in front of them on their easel, following the numeration (after round 1, all the players will play using the picture 2 and so on) A new card is drawn from the deck and a new round begins, turning the hourglass. The game goes on in this way for ten rounds and every round the players must change the picture and draw a new card


By “acceptable names”, we mean anything which is clearly visible in the picture with all its specifcation and generalization. A car is not just a car, but can be a specifc one, or a special model. Use your imagination to fnd the most hidden and valuable “elements”.
Any ambiguous name can be accepted if the majority of the players are in agreement. In case of a tie the name is considered valid.
On request, a player must be able to show exactly where the contested element can be found in the picture. Each name can be written just once, with no repetitions (feminine/masculine or singular/ plural), but if the same word identifes two or more different elements, it can be repeated.


The player with most points at the end of the last round is the winner.


In the box there are 4 different sets of picture and 4 easels, but this doesn’t prevent you from playing with a larger group of friends. Two or more players can easily share the same picture, keeping secret the words they have found, but the most common way to play with larger group of friends is to play in teams.