Games for everyone!

Most of our games are designed to be playable by anyone, regardless of language. Apart from the regulation, in fact, all the game elements do not require localizations. Another feature of our games is that they are “long sellers”, titles designed to stay on the market for a long time, not to follow current trends.

A tradition that begins with Kaleidos, the game from which the publishing house takes its name, on the market since 1995 …

In Kaleidos, the aim of the game is to be able to identify the largest number of subjects whose names begin with a randomly selected letter within images specially made. 

The version of our best seller Kaleidos conceived for the little ones featuring specially customized images and a simplified game system that make it suitable for all ages.

The latest addition to the Kaleidos line, Look-A-Round offers a speed challenge. Each game lasts a few minutes and the game is immediately ready to play as soon as you open the box!

Sherlook elaborates the classic game of differences’ system through an ingenious mechanism that contains a little mathematical secret. There are 40 images in the game that apparently…

The dictionary game, made by those who make games together with those who make dictionaries. Developed in collaboration with Zanichelli, DiLemmi plays with definitions, but does not require any particular knowledge of the Italian language.

VektoRace: The only true tabletop driving simulator! Get behind the wheel of our F8s and learn how to take them to maximum speed! You will have to detach at the right time, to curve at maximum speed, to flap your opponents, to take the wake of those…

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