Most of our titles are designed to be language independent which means that there are no writings on the game components that link it to a specific country. A game, however, is made up of rules and those must necessarily be translated, entailing not only additional costs, but also an obvious waste of paper. To avoid that, we have therefore decided to adopt a new policy that will cover all new international productions. Our games will come out with a regulation in Italian and English, while all other translations will be provided in digital format to be easily readable on your smartphone. Thus was born the idea of ​​the SmartRules logo! You will find it on our boxes together with a QRCode that leads directly to a web page, where you can consult the translations in other languages, but also the regulations in Italian and English. The simplest and most practical way to make an informed purchase!

The work of adapting the rules to this new approach will be applied to all the other games over time. The SmartRules, in fact, not only prevent wasting paper, but it is also a valid system to keep the regulations constantly updated so to always have the most recent version at hand.

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