Moodboard, literally translated from English, is the mood table. If you prefer (a little less literal translation but with perhaps a greater sense): the table of style.

It is a composition of images, materials, texts, the relationship of which evokes a given style, concept or idea.

It is a tool used by designers (fashion designers, graphic designers, interior architects, stylists) to communicate directly and immediately by the use of images. It can be perceived  as a visual story, a collection of shapes and figures, an atmosphere, a series of “moods”, rather than attitudes and sensations.

In fashion, and in the project scenario, the “moodboard” therefore serves to explain and share an idea or concept to focus on the overall sensory and stylistic approach, being generally the starting point of any creative agency that wants to communicate with its client.

In our game, the moodboard becomes a communication tool between the player-agency and the player-client.

The game contains 300 cards and an hourglass. There are 500 images on the cards that the player-agencies will use to give a visual sense to their creative ideas, which will be submitted to the player-client, to satisfy his “brief”. At the end of each round, the player-client will secretly reward the creative ideas of the players-agencies with special “like” cards. Then, the role of “customer” changes hands and when everyone has played it, everyone will discover how many “likes” each have received as “agency”. Designed by design professionals, MOODBOARD is a game of style, but also an irreverent tool to play and to stimulate your creativity!

Game features


Stefano Mirti and Spartaco Albertarelli


45/60 min.






IT – EN + SmartRules


Graphics: Teikna Design. Research images: Silvia Piombo.

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