The version of our best seller Kaleidos conceived for the little ones featuring specially customized images and a simplified game system that make it suitable for all ages.

The game also has an intelligent scoring system that allows children of different abilities to play together without losing the taste of competition.

Unlike the classic version, in Kaleidos Junior players have transparent plastic tokens to be placed directly on the images, in correspondence with the identified subjects, although older children can still play with letters and decide whether to use tokens or write, according to their age and preference.

The game has been designed to be easily adaptable to children of different ages by means of two different hidden object search modes.

A “wheel of fortune” is used to select a category such as pointed objects, round objects, flowers and so on.  The splendid images, designed by artists Elena Prette and Valentina Mendicino, have been created to always contain an adequate number of objects for each category. The game naturally develops the ability of observation in children. Like the adult version, Kaleidos Junior can be played in any language and can help increase vocabulary in a foreign language.

Game features


Spartaco Albertarelli


30 min.






EN – DE – IT – FR – EL


Illustrated by Elena Prette & Valentina Mendicino

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